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About Triliton (History)
For the year 1996 was founded the company RJD-SyStemS, pioneer in conjunction to other large multinational companies recognized globally that arose at the same time and with tha same orientation, (The specialization was to provide products and services related to Internet, software, electronic devices and other technologies in computer science).

With the passage of time (year 2000), Internet was consolidated and the technological pioneer RJD-SyStemS already began to develop its first WAP pages (Wireless Application Protocol) - wireless communications standard that allowed the use of mobile devices (phones, PDAs) for access to information, services and applications over the Internet or corporate intranets, even using dial up to private networks.

With the emergence of the first social networks (year 2003 / 2005)-Fotolog, Myspace, Blogger, YouTube among others, Internet had already become a tool more than necessary for any user and is due to this high demand and the new challenge that meant Internet as a future fertile for new developments, that RJD-SyStemS decided to create a Department purely and exclusively to the design and development of web-oriented technologies.

This is how the Department of Triliton begins to appear on stage (year 2008). Their first creations were Web sites entirely attractive, high-impact visuals using technology Flash MX (The best technology for that years).

For the year 2009 Triliton was already beginning to formalized as more than a simple department... And became better known with his own name being pioneer in the development of Flash applications who interchanged information with databases, using dynamic XML files created by PHP programming. In the year 2010 comes to light your first information social network (currently offline): www.recursoabierto.com

While Facebook, Twitter and other social networks smart were booming, Triliton is news in the main technological means (RedUsers, Clarín, etc.) by the year 2011, when it launching their new social network to the world: www.diplox.net. Diplox allowed users create first social desktop online (PC Favorites, mail, applications, images, etc...). As this network prioritize security, it uses a complete encryption of user information in database, (Even the images are encrypted).

With the arrival of the web responsive (adaptable web to all platforms and mobile devices), Triliton targets HTML5 its development. This term represents two different concepts: it is a new version of HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and on the other hand contains a broader set of technologies that allows Web sites and applications to be more diverse and powerful. This is how Triliton launches by the year 2016 an improving the implementation DipFusion (created in 2011 as a tool, subset of Diplox) with HTML5/Responsive technology. This unique application makes static sites became dynamic using a small script inserted into your web site, allowing you to load rich content.

Now we are in 2024 and with a long way to go. We invite you to be part of this project with more than 28 years of experience proudly contributing to the future... The technology.

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