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Get your professional website in HTML5 responsive
HTML 5 is a technology created to modernize the web and the development of their applications so that they can be viewed from any platform and mobile device.

With it you can give to know your products and/or services, perform interactive sites, write content ready to be read by millions of users as well as a lot of others options more.

You are now at a single step to take advantage with this powerful tool, so you must have it your new custom professional website or, (if it is whats you prefer), a web site template that will allow you to get these advantages.

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The problem of using a CMS (template):
Due to the increasing demand in the creation of web sites, the vast majority of the webmaster opted to use prefabricated systems (templates) for the creation of Web sites. A template is a preprogramed page that can be used to create a web with an overall design, that can be modified on little details to be adapted to the minimal requirements of customers.

These systems have the following disadvantages:

Does not take into account your clients: Templates are often designed to be nice but little they take into account the global idea of the user or the strategy we want to carry forward on the marketing.

They have low level of personalization: When you buy a template, it has a design and structure already defined so that, it becomes cumbersome and difficult to change it to make client specific modifications. Its more else, some one could say that modify templates is not to be do a web design.

Require updates: The template should be constantly updated to correct problems or defects in the design. This, sometimes could be affect the information within the site. Some plug-ins that you need to use may be incompatible with the version of the template you choose.

Also, if the customer wants to be changes in the future, you must Invest more money to making certain modifications: Depending on the chosen template, it will be more difficult and you have to lost long time trying to correct details or customizations, while which a develop from the beginning will be faster.

Anyway, if the customer decides that he want a template we do not have any problem in making a website with any of the template systems most commonly used today.
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